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video production services for entertainment industry and government

Recent work:  Weather Channel UK, Conan O'Brien, CBS Sports, ABC's "The Chew," NatGeo "Do or Die," Community Bible Study, Weather Channel "Weather Caught on Camera," Great Clips Corporate, Chrysler (Detroit), 7Mate Television Network (Australia), Peugeot, NBC's "Biggest Loser," Warrior Games (US Paralympics), History Channel "Ancient Aliens," History Channel "Life After People," PBS Network Program "Religion & Ethics Newsweekly," Air Force Space Command "Fundamentals of High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse"






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Decades of experience in all types of award-winning projects both nationally and internationally, from dramatic to instructional, from documentary to web promos, from animation to live action, from Hollywood to the Himalayas and many points in between, from CIA headquarters to the gantry of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

ABC Network's "The Chew"

"A Visit to Hammond's Candy Canes"


This was one of two segments we filmed for "The Chew" at Denver locations.     (719) 599-9111